World Religions Western Traditions Ebook Download [BEST]


World Religions Western Traditions Ebook Download

World Religions: Western Traditions, Fifth Edition, provides students with a thought-provoking overview of Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Ancient, Indigenous, World Religions: Western Traditions, 5th Edition, written by Amir Hussain; Roy S. Amore; Willard G. Oxtoby and published by Oxford University Press. The book includes about 200 articles on various faiths from Judaism to Islam, as well as other religions such as Christianity and Buddhism.
Topics mainly deal with the origin and development of these beliefs, their differences and similarities, and their relationship to philosophy, social history, political organization, and culture.
The authors describe religious perspectives on religion and spirituality, as well as beliefs in gods, cults and traditions, and the people who created them.

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The Rhetoric of World Religions: Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism in India. on orderly intervention of God in the world; Hebrews demythicized nature in a. of human dignity and autonomy is at core of Western tradition; The Covenant .Share this article on LinkedIn Email

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