WinTimerTester [PATCHED]

WinTimerTester [PATCHED]




Type: Windows Setup File (. Win2000 Setup). As the name itself indicates,. wintimertester is a PC application that monitors how long. wintimertester 1.1.

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Specifically you could run the command prompt in admin mode if you felt like it to add a password to the folder (via password protected zip) for safe keeping.

List of professional wrestling match types

This is a list of professional wrestling match types.

Main bout
Main bout, or headlining bout, is a match that is most often the most important or pivotal match in a professional wrestling event. The main bout is often considered the main event of the entire show. Although both the singles and tag team competitions often have a title match, the title match itself is considered a different match, as it is not considered to be the main bout. The main bout will always be an important match at that particular show.

Main event
Main event is the main bout of the show. Main event are often considered the main or championship matches, especially World Wrestling Federation or World Wrestling Entertainment. While in WWE, the main event is a grand event, in other companies the main event is typically a singles match, although tag team titles are also considered a main event.

Championship main event
A championship main event is a match for a championship, in which the current champion defends it against one of the other champions. The champion not involved will be referred to as the defending champion, usually in parentheses. For example, the Intercontinental Championship is defended on the following shows in WWE:
(John Cena) vs. (Dean Ambrose)
(WWE Champion) vs. (The Rock)

Match of the Night
Match of the Night is a match that is more important than most other matches in that match. A match that is nominated for match of the night.

WrestleMania match
At WrestleMania, WWE will often have a title match or matches other main matches. It is called WrestleMania match since it’s main focus is on the WWE Championship.

Loser leaves town
In this match, a wrestler has been eliminated, but the referee allows him to leave the ring before the match is over. The defeated wrestler is instructed to leave the building immediately, even if he is still in the arena and under the care of referees. This is often the result of being disqualified for cheating or intentional disqualification. This will take place before the next match of the evening or in the event of an ending of the night, where the winner will leave immediately after the match is finished.

Extreme Elimination Match
In an Extreme Elimination Match, several members of a stable