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The name comes from an allusion to the god of war in Norse mythology, Odin.
In the Lands Between, a race of humans named « The Elden » battles against the « Tarnished », an ancient race of fairies who have abandoned their humanity. After the Tarnished overwhelm the human nations, a religious figure known as the « Dark Seer » appears and reveals to the populace the legend of « The Ring of Elden ».
To recover the Ring, the Elden have to defeat the Tarnished. As the Tarnished become bloodthirsty and uncontrollable, they start to wear golden rings. The rings have been lost for hundreds of years, and those that continue to wear them begin to gain supernatural strength. The Dark Seer, the one who knows the legend, disappears, leaving the people to believe that the Dark Seer can no longer prophesy. As the people begin to lose hope, the Dark Seer arises, and the Elden find their way and strength within the legend.
The Elden go into the mountains, and upon meeting the opposing party from the Tarnished, they find their strength, meet new friends, and gain strength again.

You will control the protagonist Sylvie.
At the beginning of the game, Sylvie receives the message from the Dark Seer. She meets Itsuki, a former student of the academy.
Herself a descendant of « The Elden », she rejects Itsuki’s help to refuse the Tarnished’s calls.
The party will then go to the Elden Village, where the Elden will fight against the Tarnished.
At that time, the Elden House Hall will be rebuilt.
During the battle, players will be able to increase in level and gain the Elden Qualification.
The quest is to rebuild the Elder Hall, which will go onto defeating the Tarnished, and bring peace to the Lands Between.


Meet the Main Characters


The protagonist, Sylvie is a good-hearted young woman who follows dreams, but what do the other Elden really think?
Her reason for rejecting Itsuki’s help at the start is a matter of course.
However, while the atmosphere of the village is filled with fear, Sylvie grows into a person who becomes able to realize and dare the truth of herself, and is able to become an


Features Key:

  • Support for 1-55 characters.
  • A vast world into which you can freely travel.
  • Follow a story that is gradually connected.
  • A familiar and well-developed character control system that facilitates character growth.
  • Skill and weapon stances, including strengthening and damaging skills.
  • Unique multiplayer action.
  • Vocal support (voice chat, texts, and emoticons).
  • Vocal actions that modify the in-game environment.
  • Compatible with iOS 8.0 or later.

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    Lansing reviewed on Steam

    I would not recommend this game to anyone

    Good if you like tactical turn based combat with endless perma death difficult battles

    Steam reviews:

    A much improved RPG, but without crafting and saving

    Still the best RPG around. Gets better every iteration.

    Like the game, but the game is REALLY expensive. Good if you like RPG's. I wish the game had more in depth gameplay, I wouldn't say it's the best, but I'd say it's the closest to being the best of the RPG genre.

    Steam reviews:

    I wouldn't buy this at all.

    Tarnished Chronicles

    PC Game Reviewed on Xbox 1

    ... it just isn’t good.

    Steam reviews:

    I would not buy this at all.

    Legend of the Sky

    Handmade RPG Reviewed on PlayStation 5

    I enjoy most of the gameplay, it just needs more content and updates. The gameplay is fun when combined with the excellent art design.

    Steam reviews:

    The game is still fun but it has lost all of the charm of the first game. It just doesn’t have much of the other games charm.

    Handmade RPG reviews:

    I think this is a much better RPG than the first game. It is not perfect by any means but it is a very strong RPG. It is the first RPG that I have played and my god the gameplay is amazing. I love that you can play as a knight, archer, wizard, or even a thug. I don’t know why but there is some charm to it. Other than that the gameplay is amazing. The maps are huge and very detailed. The graphics are also done extremely well. I love the dialogue, battle interface, and sounds. The main thing that separates this game from the first is the story is great. They are able to flesh out the characters more and more through this game. They also add in new characters throughout the story and the main story is even better than the first. I found myself just wishing I could play the game all over again. The only thing I found a problem with is the controls. The main menu is


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    First-Person Gameplay

    Tarnished Black Dragon


    The Evil Dragon that has been hidden in the multiverse has been released. The fear it has enthused has increased and many a hero will be consumed.

    [Release Date: September 21, 2014]

    The harsh and lonely Lands Between has been waiting for ages for the day when its first champion would rise.


    It’s here! The first chapter of the story begins.


    In the Ienith Land, the World of Elven, you will be born.


    The day you decide to create your own character has finally arrived.


    ◆Release Version: 1.0.0

    ◆Release Date: September 21, 2014

    ◆Developers: Plowboy Studios

    ◆Compatible with PlayStation 4

    ◆(Cross)Buy Version 1.0.0 (PS4)

    ◆PSN/Steam: PS4 (Cross)Buy Version 1.0.0


    ◆Language: English

    ◆Subtitle: English, Spanish

    ◆Region: Worldwide

    ◆Purchase: PSN (Cross)Buy Version 1.0.0

    ◆English (From Japan), English (From USA), English (From Europe), English (From Korea), English (From China), English (From Taiwan), English (From Hong Kong), English (From Thailand), Chinese (From Taiwan), Chinese (From China), Chinese (From Hong Kong), Chinese (From Mac), Chinese (From Vietnamese), Traditional Chinese (From China), Traditional Chinese (From Taiwan), Traditional Chinese (From Hong Kong), Traditional Chinese (From Mac), Traditional Chinese (From Vietnamese)

    ◆Availablity: PS Store (From USA), Playstation Store (From Europe),

    ◆Subtitle: English (From Japan), Spanish (From Mexico), French (From France), German (From Germany), Italian (From Italy), Greek (From Greece), Swedish (From Sweden), Danish (From


    What's new in Elden Ring:

    Set in an era on the borders of human civilization, the Elden Ring war rages on in the worlds of the Lands Between. The battle for this future is about to begin.
    "Elden" means "hidden and concealed, enigmatic and invisible".

    In the land of the Elden Ring lies a place where dreams shatter along with the beliefs of the past and a battle for the future begins.
    Players were working together to build a future, with a war in the Lands Between, where the human world and the worlds beyond collide. However, the heroes of the victory in times of peace have risen as heroes of the victory of the war in times of war, and all have become Hollowed. In this tale, the fate of their union is to become a legend, and as with every legend, a possibility that draws lies buried within the heart of the legend. (Source: Steam)
    A Warhammer 40,000 anime fantasy/RPG?... could you ever want that? However, 40,000 isn't just about the action, it's more about the story, the characters, and the world itself. It's everything that this anime has. When I got the game, I jumped right in since I had already been waiting for the announcement. It's a very well done anime world. Gameplay had no problem coming together with anime graphics, although the frame rate is about 50 frames lower when the anime graphics on screen (Source: Steam)
    "Hard to believe there's a game about 40,000, and even if there's an anime, there is a thousand and more games to be made about Gundam... Other than that, I'm a fan of anime and games in general... one day, I'd like to make a 35mm anime game. I want to make more anime games like this." -- Gadjel
    The one who sparked my interest in making an anime...
    SonnyChiba's enthusiasm for the "world" of the 40,000 anime and reading my letter also sparked my interest as well.
    "40,000 falls into place as one of my favorite series, and I tried making a game like this but can't find a character designer for now... I see 40,000's world as a place to battle monsters, and I want to make anime drawings to


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    I tested the game for compatibility with the AMD graphics card drivers, please also refer to the readme file.

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    Version: 2.0.5
    4.35 GB
    Fantasy, Role Playing, Combat Strategy, Action RPG
    New Fantasy Action Role Playing Game Features:
    a. Crop of the game; a large number of 3D graphics, including various game elements and characters, and various audio such as music and sound effect;
    b. Open world; the game is a seamless game, so there are large areas and 3D maps that are composed of a number of levels and environments;
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    e. An e

    Elden Ring is a fun and attractive game.

    What is interesting about the game?

    The game challenges you as an action game. Effectively challenge your intelligence, check pieces of equipment, magic, creatures and more.

    The game features exploration; secret areas will also need to be explored.

    Difficulty settings and difficulty levels of different worlds.

    There are many different features.

    How to play: