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There are many applications that you can turn to when you want to quickly and effortlessly modify your digital photos, some more simplistic and straightforward, while others can seem downright overwhelming due to the flurry of features they come with.
If you are looking for something in-between, you can try POMELO, a handy utility that comes with an intuitive GUI and a wide range of functions.
Adjust photos and preview the results in real-time
Just like most graphic editors out there, POMELO offers you the possibility to modify the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness, but also the exposure level and the colors.
You can also crop the loaded image to the dimensions of your choosing (or you can go for one of the several built-in presets), rotate or resize the photo. Text watermarks and frames can be added as well, then you can preview the outcome in real-time in the dedicated panel or compare the source and result images side by side.
Apply and combine visually impressive effects
You can continue enhancing your picture by selecting one or more of the provided effects until you are completely satisfied with the output.
You can choose from numerous types of effects, such as Film, Pola, LOMO, Vintage, Fade, B&W or Leak, each with their own variants.
Retouch any portrait the professional way
If the photo you want to process depicts persons, you can navigate directly to the retouching tools, as these can help you turn into it a professional-looking portrait.
There are several presets that you can rely on, or you can manually adjust the skin tone, the eye or lips colors, along with removing the dark circles around the eyes or the acne spots. Furthermore, POMELO can even help you slim down the subject of your portrait with ease.
All in all, POMELO can be of great use to those who want to beautify their photos or simply turn them into artistic creations due to the effects they overlay.







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With POMELO Crack Mac, you can easily transform ordinary photos into professional-looking works of art.
Select any photo from your digital camera, image library, file folder, network, card or card reader and start using this free online photo editor.
Your editing options are numerous. Use a plethora of tools and presets. Edit images in various resolutions. You can even easily make portraits. The application lets you choose from various filters. Add artistic adjustments. You can even use different drawing tools.

Processes and exports original pixel-by-pixel photo editing templates: convert a photo with one of the dozens presets, apply different filters, draw lines, pen strokes, adjust the brightness and contrast, apply effects, create artistic composition, frame a photo, add text, masks, add borders or backgrounds, set the photo to watermark or add a personal signature, and much more.
The easiest way to browse: with POMELO Crack Professional you can view and manage your templates.

One of the most powerful photo editing apps, with the most expressive graphic and photo effects!
Change the entire image, add text, frames, borders, backgrounds, and even create artistic compositions with the tools of the POMELO Pro photo editor!
Enhanced or perfect your photos and make stunning work of art!

POMELO is a powerful and easy to use free online photo editor with a wide selection of special effects and simple graphic tools. You can process and improve the appearance of your photos the professional way. Use your selected photo as the source of your image editing. Enhance it and make it look like a creative masterpiece! Enhance your photos using various presets, background patterns and add borders and text. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, color, blur and shadow of the photo.

PIMELO is a powerful and easy to use free online photo editor with a wide selection of special effects and simple graphic tools. You can process and improve the appearance of your photos the professional way. Use your selected photo as the source of your image editing. Enhance it and make it look like a creative masterpiece! Enhance your photos using various presets, background patterns and add borders and text. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, color, blur and shadow of the photo.

Image To Clipboard

Make beautiful works of art with the help of POMELO, the most powerful and easy to use photo editor and graphic tool. Convert your photo to different types of art works with

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Choose among a large list of effects and preset filters and make the best use of the tool. Change the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness of the image. Crop and adjust the size of the image (or go with one of the built-in options). Rotate the image left and right, or enlarge it up to 1000% of its original size. Add one or more texts, watermarks or frames to an image. Filter, display, compare and save multiple images at once.


Touch up allows you to touch the image and add effects. This is a must-have tool in any picture editing software.
You can also see pixel difference with the preview panel.
By using this tool, you can eliminate the blemish in a picture.

Here you can see effects and tools.


How to get longitude and latitude from location name in query string

I am trying to get longitude and latitude from a query string.
The url is as follows:

The latitude and longitude are referred to in the string between ‘q=’ and ‘&’.
From another question on this site, I wrote a python script to try and get the data but this doesn’t seem to work.
Are there any examples of how this can be accomplished?


This is not really a Google Maps question, but one in Python programming.
I would recommend looking at urllib2. It takes a url and makes working with data from the url easy.
Check out the URI sample here.
For doing just a straight query of the latitude and longitude, there is a wonderful site called Geoquest. It provides a query parsing script for quick and easy parsing of query strings for your latitude and longitude.


in python:
import re
querystring =  »

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POMELO is a powerful photo editor with a wealth of features that lets you modify any type of image. The application was developed to help you make your images look better than ever.

Note: You can follow POMELO’s official Facebook page and Facebook group for more information about the latest version of POMELO:

If you love amazing photos and stunning images, you’ll love to have these effects for your images. Now you can add amazing optical effects for your images with the help of brand new photo editing app and this app will give you a lot of benefit and benefit from this app.

You can get rid of wrinkles, add beauty and liveliness to your images, make your images look even better than ever, remove blemishes, and fix the color, brightness, contrast, exposure, and so much more.
POMELO is one of the best photo editing apps that can help you out with your editing needs.

Free and totally no ads in this app!
Who is this app for?
POMELO, the pro photo editing application designed for all levels, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

With POMELO you can
• Remove wrinkles and blemishes
• Add beauty, liveliness and saturation to your images
• Fix the color, brightness, contrast, and exposure of your images
• Introduce new life to your images with new effects
• Remake your images in a professional manner

If you don’t like the original image, you can use the amazing new effects available in POMELO app to give your image that perfect finish.

Everyone loves to take pictures, but some of them just don’t look good.
POMELO is a photo editing app that allows you to remove wrinkles, add beauty and liveliness to your images, make them look even better than ever.

You’ll be able to remove blemishes, remove wrinkles, add beauty to your images, fix the color, brightness, contrast and exposure of your images. You can even remaster your images in a professional manner.
For those of you who are not familiar with photo editing, you can use the intuitive features that POMELO provides.

One of the best features of POMELO is the new optical effects.
What sets POMELO apart from the rest of the photo

What’s New In?


System Requirements For POMELO:

Playing the Game:
Minimum Requirements:
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 or AMD RX 580
3072MB RAM
DirectX 12 on Windows 10 PC
DirectX 12 on Windows 10 Mobile
– updated trigger to the current state of development
– updated code to use the latest versions of vulkan-utils
– hdr tools can now be used without building
– added option to use the lanczos filters
– added