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The technology allows for much more accurate and nuanced player movement in-game. Players can now sprint with the ball while making subtle turns and pivots on the ball, while tackling is more realistic and offers improved accuracy in which to apply head, chest, and leg tackles. Individual ball control skill runs, kicks, and passes are even more precise, while strafe skills are improved thanks to both the increased accuracy of character movement and the motion capture data.

The introduction of motion capture data has resulted in development being focused in three key areas: Execution, Skill and Attacking Intelligence.

Skillful movement and accuracy of footwork and ball control are the lifeblood of any great player, and for players of all skills, the improved execution of skills means they feel more connected to their game.

We’ve pushed for more realistic skill execution on the pitch. Introducing new and refined skills to the gameplay on FIFA 20, the Speed Dial was given the ability to enable more fluid skill executions, which in turn demanded that all our actions become more “sophisticated”. Now, with the refined movement captured from real players and real-life skill executions, this has been taken to another level.

Similarly, attacking intelligence is also key, and now we’re improving the intelligence around real-life attacking skill execution as a result of the support of the game AI and teams. We’re also looking at the attacking performance of the ball, with our new “Ball Intelligence” system working to improve the connection between player and ball in attack-related situations.

We’ve also paid special attention to the way the game looks at the pitch, with the new “Animation Integrity” system being used to improve player animation and player movement on the pitch. Player and ball animations are now more detailed, more stable, and more responsive.

We’ve also improved the performance of animations during player abilities, which take place when players are performing moves – like kicking with the ball, such as the “tea-time” kick.

The match day experience of managers will be improved, with the “Mix and Match” system giving managers access to more players than ever. This system is also being used to more accurately recreate players on the pitch, whether that’s a new main squad player at a new team, or the introduction of a youth player in a team’s starting


Features Key:

  • Strike gold with high-powered gameplay: FIFA is all about finding the right team-mates and getting the right formation in the right position to maximize your attack. Choose from over 300 players in over 30 teams and form all new FUT packs based on your favourite real-life teams and styles. The more you play the more you collect FUT packs, so the more options you’ll have and the more you win.
  • Take charge as a manager in the brand new player-focused Career Mode. Build your reputation and your squad to national glory or rise through the leagues as either a manager or a player.
  • Exclusively new ‘Kick-Offs’ New ‘Kick-Offs’ give you control over the momentum of matches allowing you to make necessary adjustments to your tactics at any time in the match.
  • New mechanics: Create a mesmerising experience with new contextual interaction controls and physics-based gameplay. Player intelligence and positional targeting have been tuned to interact with the game in new and equally enthralling ways.
  • Innovative TV-style presentation: Enjoy FIFA in UHD at 4K resolution on Xbox One X and Xbox One S.


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Powered by Football™ — a new generation of soccer physics and ball control.

Real Player Motion — an authentic new animation system that captures the balance and pace of the real sport.

Innovative Career Mode — get noticed with more Scouted Careers and move your way up to become the best.

New World Player Experience — use every tool at your disposal to master your favourite positions in new ways.

True 1-on-1 Moves — the best player may not be your best in FIFA.

Take the field with new Adidas™ 2018-19 ball tech — the most advanced ball technology on the market.

New Realism in The Journey — strategise your way around the pitch, solve unique challenges and overhaul the training & pre-season systems.

Teamtalk — a new way to communicate on the pitch with unique dialogues, unique animations and new camera views.

New AI — a refined and faster way for players to learn and adapt to the game.

New Customisation — personalise your gaming experience with your favourite players, kits and more.

Bonus Contents — get behind-the-scenes access to stories of the game’s development, new ways to play with additional content and much more.

Never miss the latest on EA Access, Origin Access and EA SPORTS™ FIFA add-ons. Sign up for EA Access to get full game experiences and loot as they come or pick up FIFA Ultimate Team with every game purchase.

Discover this ground-breaking experience in the trailer below.


Additional Content

You can purchase new content from the in-game marketplace as well as access new items and special items via Seasons Pass, or activate new items and content for free via item codes.

EA SPORTS™ FIFA Master League – Available through the FIFA Master Pass, use the EA SPORTS™ FIFA Master League to play new online modes including EA SPORTS™ FIFA Master League Pickup, against your friends and EA SPORTS™ FIFA Master League AI, or play online challenges.

EA SPORTS™ FIFA Master League Pickup – Get in and join online FIFA Master League Pickup and have fun with hundreds of other players who are looking to pick up items from other players.

EA SPORTS™ FIFA Master League AI – Take a trip into EA SPORTS™ FIFA Master League, against select opponents from around the world. Play versus an AI opponent from any FIFA Country to see how far you can progress and use your


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Own the ultimate version of your favorite player with the biggest and most comprehensive set of cards to ever be included in the game. Match-up against your friends and other players in FIFA Ultimate Team Leagues, single games, and online and create the ultimate team to reign supreme in Career Mode or Master League.

FIFA Arena –
Speed, strategy and skill will all be on display in this new mode for FIFA 22. Create a custom team or group and participate in FIFA 22’s most diverse range of competitive gameplay modes in quick matches and heated online 5v5 games.

FIFA Ultimate Team Challenges –
Challenge your friends or the community in a series of games in FIFA Ultimate Team. Compete for a series of weekly rewards including coins, packs, and other rewards.

The Ways to Play Expansion –
Live out your dreams in FIFA, create a new soccer club, or experience a Pro career like never before. These updates introduce an all-new Career Mode, The Ways to Play Campaign, as well as extra multiplayer features and in-game challenges.

Wayne Rooney Edition –
Own your favorite Premier League player in FIFA 22. Or get your hands on the Wayne Rooney Edition of the game, loaded with over 80 Wayne-themed items, such as strips, boots, balls, and more, as well as updates to Ultimate Team and a custom Pro Year card for the legendary former Manchester United and England forward.// Copyright 2014 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

// +build!darwin,!freebsd,!linux

package ipv4

import (
« net »
« os »
« syscall »

« »
« »

func setsockoptIPMreq(fd, name int, ifi *net.Interface, grp net.IP) error {
return syscall.EWINDOWS

func setsockoptInterface(fd, name int, ifi *net.Interface) error {
return syscall.EWINDOWS

func anyToSockaddr(fd int, rsa *RawSockaddrAny


What’s new:

  • New “Introduction to FIFA Online 2™” campaign – Introduced from the turn of the year, this brand-new single player story takes you through the aspects of earning your first FIFA cards, showcasing dynamic features that make FIFA Online the class of battle. In it, you’ll play as a member of the Uprising Football Club, a great but impecunious football club, with a big part of your dream being to get the necessary member cards to progress and compete on the highest level.
  • Rivals – Compete against other FUT players around the world in weekly cup rounds. Beat them to earn bragging rights for your Fifa world. Improve your FIFA Online 2 Net Rating performance stats by participating in events. These new Rivals games are available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and represent a whole new way to keep track of your rivalries and make some new friends.
  • “Power of Balance 2.0” Player Abilities – Introducing the all-new ‘Power of Balance’ franchise of Player Abilities, designed to radically change the pace of your game, ensure more balanced matches and blur the line between online and offline modes.
  • Golden Goal – We’re super excited to introduce the Golden Goal this year. Now, when you score a goal you’ll be rewarded with the option to put your name on the game as the player that goal was scored by. In addition, you’ll be able to use this celebration to earn Golden Player Cards and Golden Supporter Tokens.
  • Unbreakable Fifa Moments – The most dramatic and memorable game events and greatest hero moments in the history of the game will be recreated with beautiful and unique cinematics, such as Zinedine Zidane’s infamous semi-final penalty, Michael Owen’s strike vs the USA and Michel Platini’s famous penalties. Meet the members of your FIFA dream team in real-life football moments: Cristiano Ronaldo and his Champions League winner against SSC Napoli; Lionel Messi’s celebration after scoring against Chelsea; and the game-winning goal from a drop-ball in the 2003 MLS All-Star Game. For the first time, you can experience those moments in-game.
  • On the Ball AI moves – The new “On the Ball


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    In FIFA, the pitch is the space that defines football as a sport. Here, you can challenge your friends in fast-paced 5 vs. 5 matches, play a long-term career, manage your own team or even compete in official FIFA tournaments.

    Are you ready to take on the world?

    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 starts new story. Get to know your new character in an open world where players can take advantage of over 350 million player licenses from real football clubs across the globe.

    The Star-studded Tournament Mode

    Tournament mode lets you play up to 32 players offline on any pitch with a one of 20 licensed teams.

    Progressive Showcase Matches

    Match your game against the best players from different FIFA Ultimate Team teams.

    Cross the Arena

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    Expand your game with the United We Stand – Spain and Portugal game mode and play against your friends or other players in daily and weekly tournaments.

    Peak Performance

    FIFA 22 sets a new standard in gameplay with refined and


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    System Requirements For Fifa 22:

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