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How to avoid 0.00 as default value for Number fields in entities in JPA

I’m using JPA for handling data in a database, where most of the columns have a fixed type of SQL-TIMESTAMP with no value, i.e. « not null » and « 0.00 ».
I’d like to make a query that finds the minimum value for a field, but I’m having trouble getting the right Type for the column.
My guess is that the default value is somehow hidden in the SQL, and that I have to make it visible, but I’m not able to find out how to do it.
Using Hibernate 3.2.3 with MySQL.


Apparently, it isn’t actually an issue in Hibernate, but it is a MySQL-specific issue.
The issue is covered in the MySQL docs, and I’ll quote the relevant parts here:

Type ‘0’ can be used to specify a NULL value. The datatype zero (0) is automatically translated to NULL when used in a type expression. The ‘0’ type is interpreted by the SQL parser as NULL. Since 4.0.1, MySQL allows specifying the NULL datatype as ‘zero’ (bytea) or ‘zero’ (blob).

I.e. by using an integer type, you get NULL by default.
While the value 0 is meaningful in almost all situations, it’s apparently not usable as the default value.
To get around this, I had to

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