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Beierwild Rush is a funny casual game, inspired by the trend of craft beer festivals that happened in the last years in Rio.

Dive into the vast sea of possibilities in this low-fi 2D puzzle game.
As Pepe, a fish, you must figure out how to avoid collisions as you navigate a sea of fish and have your way around lava and jellyfish.
On each level you’ll find several types of fish, and you must guide all of them through the level by moving them around with a combination of tapping and swiping.
Tap fish to follow them. Swipe fish to move them. Swipe at the edge of the screen to flip the fish and make them bounce back.
This is a game of chance, so keep your luck afloat by pausing, restarting and using the continue feature.

A super quick and addictive maze game where you have to get through all the monsters.
You will have to use your game-sense by choosing each move and making the best decisions.
How to play? Just choose a direction that we are going to be through.

In which we go from city to city in pursuit of this beautiful woman.
Play the game to fully unlock all locations, in which we will be able to enjoy each location.
We begin our journey in Lisbon.

So, we are having problems.
You have little to do that in the game.
So, we made this little app with all the little things we think you should do.
You can also check the FAQ of the game by pressing the Q button.
If you find something wrong, please tell us!
Because we really want to help you!
If you think this game will get boring for you, then please check some other game and try to play it.
I know I will. I love them all.

This is a jigsaw puzzle game, but we have taken all the thinking out of it.
Just connect all the pieces to make each picture and watch all the magic happen.
Please tell us what kind of puzzle is the best for you by sharing with us the number of images you need to make!
Have fun and thank you!

In this game you will be taking part in a competition to build the tallest tower.
Our first challenge was to build a ten-storey tower and we did it.
Now we want to see how far we can go. We are now a 20-storey tower


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  • Bierwagen Rush Game system requirements

    Bierwagen Rush is available on Google Play Store

    Bierwagen Rush runs on all devices running on Android Version 2.3 and up

    Bierwagen Rush requires that you have at least 512MB of RAM.

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    A funny casual game with a vibrant art style and an unexploited theme. This game is inspired by the trend of craft beer festivals that took place in the last years in Rio de Janeiro.
    This game is a quick-play game with a strategic choice element in mind. You can play with yourself (versus mode) or, with up to three friends (co-op), in a second person perspective.
    3 diferent campaigns, each with 2 to 4 levels.
    8 types of beers: light, lager, mild, dark, stout, IPA, wine, and cider.
    2 to 4 characters on each level.
    Craft beer factory, production, distribution, and sales stations.
    The mood-changing weather system.
    Customizable brewery profiles.
    Ornate bottle manufacturing.
    The ability to create your own beer.
    The ability to craft beer.
    In-game gift.
    Premium beer emoji.
    Premium beer card.
    Eight types of beer, including red and white wine: Light, Mild, Lager, Dark, Stout, IPA, Cider and Organic Beer.
    The first « positive » game (since « Positron » by Yarqin), with cute and amusing level designs.
    Customizable brewery logo.
    Customizable brewery brand.
    Springs, both road and tunnels.
    Thematic items: the weather (rain, sun, snow, and fog), the environment (garden and wetland areas), and the character’s clothing.
    Dynamic splitscreen and classic splitscreen.
    Storyline progression levels.
    Two types of level maps: « World 1 » and « World 2 ».
    Different types of « impossible » levels.
    Character customization: 4 characters.
    Full avatar customization: 24 types.
    The list of avatars is:
    Animal, boss, superhero, insect, nerd, superhero, alien, boss,…

    After my short break from iDev Games, the game « FarmBox » of the series continued to update, making it more interesting than ever.
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    In this kind of game, you will play the role of farmers in the role of hunters, and you must hunt (and steal) some of the farms’ products.
    First you will be able to enter in the world of animals and start building traps.
    Follow your skill, choose your activity and hunt some of the farms’ products.


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    The rule of the game is simple: the more beer you sell, the more income you gain.
    You start the game with 30 beers to sell, where you will sell them until you reach your quota, your goal is to sell more than 3 beers in one week. You earn money from every sale and you may gain sponsorships that allow you to earn more money.
    You have 2 main tasks: Control your vat and keep it balanced, and sell your beers to your customers.
    The gameplay has 3 stages:
    1. On the Gameboard, you select your beers, your quantity and their prices.
    2. You are then transported to the two lines where your products are displayed: One (the left line) to select your ingredients, and another (the right line) to select your customer.
    3. The design of your products depend on your preferences, as well as the weather and the customer demands.
    – Weather: you have a constant 30 mph wind and the time it is raining or not.
    – Customer demands: the customer likes to drink Water, Dark or Light beers. You have to adjust your products according to this demand.
    – Left Analog stick: move your Vat through the Gameboard
    – Right Analog stick: move your Vat through the two lines
    – B: Put your Vat on the line
    – A: Dispose of your Vat
    – Start: game onQ:

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    What’s new:


      In Springwood 1964 Leslie completed a vehicle she had decided on for over 20 years – a Bierwagen Convertible.

      Leslie’s conversion is based on a car she has owned since 1958 and been working on for many years, a Ford Prefect 6V which she has regularly re-trimmed and upgraded.

      The car was originally bought brand new from the Ford dealer in London by Les’s mother at the time, just outside London on the M1, along with the Ford Granada with which it was equipped, this was simply the original choice of vehicle available.

      Little was done to the car at this stage except some occasional maintenance, so when the car was retired two years later, it was more of an inconvenience than anything to get rid of it. It was replaced by Les’s mum’s choice, a Peugeot 403, which she had already owned for 9 years in total.

      The car sat in her back garden in the outbuilding where it had been left. Four and a half years went by and the car was still there when mum died aged 79 in 1971 and the “daughter” in charge of the estate (mum was childless) had to get rid of it as she was not able to make it a priority.

      She had plans to resurrect the car which did remain undestroyed for 18 years, until in February 1978 Leslie’s dad bought the car from the daughter for £300 (!!!) as he wanted a car for the family within easy commuting distance of his place in Cheltenham. It was still registered in the daughters name as she drove it to work in London and her husband also drove it, but the daughter kept the car for herself, but only made it to work in London where she lived.

      Leslie’s dad bought the car on a time-expiry lease, as the car was not roadworthy due to a brake problem and the clutch was seized. Since the father had his own business and it was not a vehicle the exact make was not really important, and although this car had a reputation that the clutch and brakes were good for many many years, it was never replaced, so as far as Les (or the dad) was concerned, he was the owner of a marvellous Prefect with a bad name!

      He kept it for a few years, occasionally making modifications to it for a few of the many wives who


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