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Here are some of the most commonly used Photoshop tools.

Basic Tools

The Photoshop File Manager is a menu (top panel) icon that shows how many open files you have, how many files are open, the path of your current document, and how much of a document is open.

Click a file name to open it in Photoshop.

Highlight a tool to choose it, or click a tool in the Tools Palette at the top of the screen to choose it.

Use the right-click button (or two-finger click on a MacBook) to open contextual menus that give you access to other tools.

Use the Cmd+E keyboard shortcut to edit your image.

The file name is the name of your picture file. In Photoshop, press Ctrl+F to open the Find dialog box. Type in what you’re looking for, and click Search.

The Quick Selection Tool is a lasso-like tool used to select an area of your image. Start by choosing Select→Select tool. Draw the outline of what you want to select, and press Enter to select the pixels.

Image credits: Inke Treib.

Use the Cmd+Click or two-finger click on a Mac to select multiple objects.

A paint bucket tool can be used to select an entire area of your image. Click the brush icon (shortcut is Cmd+B), and create a brush of your desired color. Start by choosing Select→Select Paintbrush. Choose the brush size and opacity.

Highlight your image and press Cmd+T (or two-finger click on Mac) to apply the transform. This will transform an image for you.

The can be used to rotate, stretch, or otherwise transform your image. Click the icon for a transform, and choose the movement and direction you want to apply. You can use Rotate, Flip, Zoom, Skew, Distort (transform), and more.

The Puppet Warp tool is a bit like the tool that allows you to create various kinds of warps on a typeface. Use the tool to manipulate image coordinates and create a new perspective.

Image credits: Inke Treib.

Use the Cmd+J keyboard shortcut to add a new document window. You can create new files in a new document window.

The Paths dialog box (Click the Minus or Add icons at the top left and right

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Unlike paid alternatives such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Elements doesn’t have licensing fees. It’s a free editor. However, you’ll find that you can use the program for free only for limited uses—such as editing or saving photos from the web.

How to Use Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

1. Create a New or Open Project

Creating a new project or opening an existing project is the first step you need to take before you can start editing images and creating new images. You can either create a new project from scratch or you can open an existing project.

Open a New Project

In the top menu, click the “File” tab. This will take you to the File New Window. (You can open multiple files at once.)

In the top menu, click the “File” tab. This will take you to the File New Window. (You can open multiple files at once.) Open an Existing Project

Click the Organizer icon in the upper left corner. You can also open an existing project from the Organizer window by clicking the “Open” button (File > Open) from the Organizer window.

2. Import an Image from Camera or Card

After you open a new project or open an existing project, you’ll notice that your files area has been populated with various folders. This is where you will import your images from the camera or memory card. Open the folder with the photos you want to add to the project. Now that the folder is open, double-click the image and follow the prompts on the screen.

3. Save a Copy of an Image

When you have imported images into your project, you’ll notice that you have a small thumbnail or icon representation of your photos. To save a copy of the image, you’ll need to select multiple photos from the Organizer and then press the “Copy” button. This will copy the images to the Current Projects folder. After the images are copied, you can close the Organizer.

4. Edit Photos

In the Projects area, you’ll find multiple folders.

The Current Projects folder will display your edited photos. The Master folder will display a copy of your edited photos.

The Organizer provides various features to edit your photos. You’ll find options for editing and retouching a photo

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Is there a way to specify a loop progress in NLog?

I want to use NLog to publish one log file for every, say, 10 iteration of my program. In other words, I want to do something like
logger.Debug(« Iteration  » + i + « : » + 1/10)
and have the log lines for each iteration appended to a file incrementing (starting at 1) by 1/10.
Is there any way of doing this without writing my own iteration counter?


If you prefer to avoid having to touch the source code, a good solution would be to have a ThreadPool background worker running in a loop in the Background property of the app.config file.

Then, in Program.cs:
static void Main(string[] args)
Logger = LogManager.Configuration.DefaultLoggerFactory.CreateLogger();
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Logger.Debug(« Starting {0} », args.Length);

if (args.Length > 0 && args[0] == « start »)
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catch (Exception)

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop 2020 (version 21):

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